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After the successful presentation of her debut album “Stapka Napred” and her latest single “Drugata Staya”, which for 4 weeks was the most broadcasted Bulgarian song, and for 15 consecutive weeks remained in the Top 10 of the official airplay chart, Mihaela Marinova takes the next step towards a promising career not only in our […]

Spring is about love “Overdose”, intense feelings and how we really express them for our loved ones. The new song “Overdose” by Sasha Lopez & Bruja comes to confirm each of these feelings and becomes a motto of all lovers, who will live their story without any limits. “A collaboration that has all chances to […]

Iliyana Nedyalkov, who composed for Zayn and the cosmopolitan Georgi Linev-Kan Wakan created “Salty” together with Ruth. This is not just another Ruth’s song with a cause… Or one that can go unnoticed in the sweet spring sound. Far from this taste, Ruth Koleva presents “Salty” – a song that turns ideas around and meets […]

In her new song “Rampampam” Minelli talks about a love relationship that hurts and causes hard-to-forget memories, which gradually lead to revenge. The song was composed by Minelli and Viky Red, written by Minelli and produced by Viky Red. “I was looking forward anxiously to releasing the song and I am glad I can finally […]

A strong combination of emotional vocals, chill trap, rock and electric pop we find in the new song of Grafa “Химера”. The track captivates the senses from the first listen, and the powerful lyrics and video complete the impression. Vladimir Ampov – Grafa creates the song while playing the guitar. The beat was created with […]

The Croatian band Colonia presented their new explosive single “Manijak” along with an impressive video that looks more like a movie. The excellent reactions to their previous single “Doza” encouraged the duo member and composer Boris Djurdjevic to continue in that direction. And that is how “Manijac” was created. It has influences of the ‘80s […]

The Slovenian duo Maraaya presented a new single along with a music video entitled “Dobr’ Gre”. The song is so positive that keeps us in a good mood, makes us dance and gives us hope. It makes us understand that we have many rasons to say to ourselves “I’m good!” and motivate ourselves to go […]

Josephine continues her successful career with another song that will become an anthem. She presented the single “Paliopaido” together with a music video and immediately received the appreciation of the fans. The highly successful and explosive singer continues the series of dynamic singles with a pop song with up-tempo rhythm. The music and lyrics of […]

Victoria will participate in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song “Growing Up is Getting Old”. The Bulgarian proposal for the music competition was presented at a special concert that brought together people from the three national televisions and show business around the Eurovision project in Bulgaria. “Growing Up is Getting Old” is part […]

The beautiful Croatian singer Zanamari surprised with a new single in English. The song is entitled “No Boy Can Do It Better” and was promoted worldwide in all digital platforms. Zanamari composed the music and wrote the lyrics of the song. “I wrote the song “No Boy Can Do It Better” on the New Year’s […]

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