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Indira Forza and Boris Djurdjevic team up again

We present to you “Atlantida”, a song that many have been looking forward to. This is the first song signed by Indira Levak and Boris Djurdjevic, but not as a band, but as collaborators. “Atlantida” is a song whose first outlines were created this summer, but it is now ready for release. The song shows […]


Mihaela Marinova’s new project is being launched in 12 countries

“When I first met Mihaela, I knew she had the right set of qualities for a world career,” said the British star James Arthur when he came to Bulgaria in 2014 to sing with her in the finals of the third season of X Factor. 7 years later Mihaela Marinova has an impressive career as […]


Poli Genova presented her new hit “Na Na”

Poli Genova, one of the most successful and beloved Bulgarian singers, officially presented her latest hit “Na Na”. With this song, the singer sends an extremely successful year, both professionally and personally, after a few days ago she became the mother of a girl with the beautiful name Lea Catherine. The video for “Na Na” […]


“Wassup” and Ruth Koleva – something colorful in the gray autumn

After the international success of the super single “Salty”, Ruth Koleva gathered the same team to create “Wassup”. The new song comes out in the focus of the gray autumn, two years after living in the Covid pandemic and after a stormy summer for Ruth. “It’s time to look beyond what happened to us”,”she said, […]


Poli Genova welcomed her second child

Poli Genova gave birth to her second child on November 23. This time the singer welcomed a girl with the beautiful name Lea Catherine. The joyful event took place under the direct supervision of Dr. Bogdanova and the medical team that takes care of them. Poli and Lea Catherine feel great, and the singer says […]


In love, Sebastian Popovic finally found the girl of his life

The musician from Zagreb Sebastian Popovic  has released a new song that concludes this challenging year. His previous songs “Normalno” and “Priznat cu” achieved an excellent result on the national music list HRTop40, so he hopes that this song will continue on the same path. The song “Na tvojim rukama” is about an unhappy girl […]


Alya along with her parents and friends in her new video

Here is the time we chase the sun rays and the time we dedicate to our loved ones. With the song, “Se Zivi”, for which Raay wrote the music and Marjetka Vovk the lyrics, love is celebrated – joy, kisses, looks. “The song says that a year is 365 days long, and all days are […]

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  Minelli is a real machine in songwriting and production. In 2017, she joined Global Records and released her first solo single “Empty Spaces”, which topped the charts in 15 countries. In 2019, she released the hit single “Mariola”, which topped the Romanian airplay, iTunes, TV and Spotify Viral 50 charts, received massive rotations around […]

  Doruntina Shala was born 13 December 1996 in the city of Prizren, Kosovo. She is known professionally as Tayna and nowadays is one of the most popular rapper and songwriter. Tayna made her breakthrough in the Albanian-speaking world after the release of the singles “Columbiana” and “Shqipe”. In August 2018, she performed at the […]

  Eleni Foureira is a Greek singer and dancer. Foureira was born in Fier, Albania as Entela Fureraj. When she was young, the family left Albania and settled in Greece due to the 1997 Albanian civil unrest. She grew up in the Kallithea neighbourhood of Athens. Foureira began pursuing music at a young age, learning […]

  Aleyna Tilki is a Turkish singer and songwriter. She was born in Konya, on March 28, 2000. She was a semi-finalist on the sixth season of Yetenek Sizsiniz Turkiye (Turkish version of the Got Talent series). She caught public attention because of her Gesi Baglari cover on the show. She achieved national recognition after […]

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