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Marina Tosic takes over the pop genre with “Waistline”

Written by on 01.11.2021

Marina Tosic takes over the pop genre with “Waistline”

The idea for a pop song in English was born two years ago, when the talented singer began her tour in various studios, looking for the right song to feel emotional and close to her essence.

“I was looking for something different like sound, music, mood. Nothing was to my liking, until one day I received a call from a close friend of mine, with whom we are currently working together. He told me that he had found an interesting composer who had worked with Afron Jack and Tiesto in the Netherlands.”,  said  Marina. This led to a meeting with Oliver Rosa and Babet – the lyricist of “Waistline”. It turns out that Marina, Oliver and Babet have a similar taste for music and share the same emotions. “It is a very important thing for me!”, Marina shared and added: “The song was ready in two hours. I fell in love with it and, although it was ready in early 2020, I listened to it tens of thousands of times. This song reflects my temperament, personality, history, and the fact that I like the more lyrical sound. There is passion in this song, something that tickled me as soon as I heard it. That’s how I realized that this was my song.”

The choice of the song to be in English was inspired by Marina’s desire to experiment with different languages ​​and genres in her work. “I travel a lot abroad and when they ask me about my projects, I want to have something to show my fans.”, said Marina.

For the video realization of “Waistline” the singer collaborated with Ivan Dimitrov-Torex, who have worked with Emilia, Boris Soltariyski, Raina and many others. The model Rumen Radev plays the role of her screen partner. The athletic handsome man entered the fashion world only a year ago, thanks to his girlfriend. In 2020, he is the only Bulgarian to parade during Milano Fashion Week in a Versace fashion show. A little later, he already has a contract with an American modeling agency. That’s how Marina and her team found it for the “Waistline” video. Some of the scenes in the video are inspired by Madonna’s “Justify My Love” video.

“It was very difficult to find the right person for the video, because in addition to physical, I had to like him as energy. After all, everything we show had to look authentic.”- reveals part of the love story in the video Marina Tosic. A private beach in Sunny Beach and a gorgeous penthouse turn into a shooting site for the video shot in 2020. Marina decides to postpone the premiere because of the pandemic. That’s why “Waistline” appeared on the last day of October. According to Marina, the video is just for such cold, rainy and melancholic weather.

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