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Irina Rimes totally different from her well known style

Written by on 11.10.2020

Irina Rimes totally different from her well known style

Irina Rimes surprises the public with a fiery appearance and a song different from the style she spoilt her fans with. The artist is releasing Your Love, in collaboration with the American artist Cris Cab, a bold song, through which she has completely left her comfort zone, but which fits her perfectly. Irina continues to explore her artistic side and shows herself in a completely new manner, for both herself as well as for her audience.

The song was composed and written by Irina Rimes, Andrei Ursu and Cris Cab, and the production belongs to Alex Cotoi, who was also involved in the composition process.

“The song appeared after a session with Alex Cotoi and wrs. We liked the energy so much that we decided to release it as soon as possible. It’s the first time when I release a song a few weeks after it was made. I left my comfort zone, I had a different approach, we molded to the style and the message of the song. And the collaboration with Cris Cab has been a dream ever since I was in University and I was listening to “Liar Liar” on repeat. I am very curious about the reaction of my audience to this change of image, but also what the song will generate in general. I hope this will be a beautiful surprise for all those who know me and a brand new discovery for all those who do not know me. I would like to thank  the team and everyone involved in this project. But especially to Cris, who is really confident about this song and has mastered it the same I have mastered this new challenge”, Irina Rimes said.

Both artists are delighted with this collaboration, and Cris received with joy and enthusiasm the proposal of singing with Irina, one of the artists he admires very much.

“Irina is an amazing artist, with an incredible voice, and I can’t wait to sing with her live one day. I was happy when I heard that she is interested in collaborating with me, because I admire her very much. “Your Love” song is about acknowledging the problems in a relationship, but at the same time leaving space for passion to conquer. I hope you all like it and I hope to come back to Romania soon”, Cris Cab stated.

The video, made by Alexandru Muresan – image director and Bogdan Paun – director, perfectly illustrates the lyrics of the song and brings an extra effervescence and color through the whole game that can be found in every beat. At the same time, it is the perfect opportunity to discover Irina differently, who overflows with sensuality and energy.

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