The famous Bosnian duo Jala Brat and Buba Corelli presented their new common single “Mila”. Their numerous fans are sure that this song will turn into their new hit. The duo is very active in the last few years and their successful projects follow one after another. They are not only performing artists but […]

The daughter of the famous Albanian singer Sabiani – Keisi presented her debut single “Ska dashni” which is in collaboration with Seldi Qalliu. The beautiful blonde is determined to follow her father’s steps but she intends to make a bit different music style. The music of the song “Ska dashni”  is done by Alsked Rrenja  […]

  The Turkish DJ Rasmican presented his new project titled “Salla Salla” which is in collaboration with the German artist Tijan. The music of the song is done by Byrak Rasim Icyuz – DJ Rasimcan. The lyrics are written by the two artists. Director of the video is Can Ozev.  

  The Serbian star Rasta begins the year with a brand new single titled “Mrak”. For the project he worked together with DJ Link. As always Rasta wrote the music and the lyrics himself. The video is quite impressive. It was shot in the mountain where Rasta walks in the deep snow. His “partners” in […]

  Alina Eremia gave a good start to the new year. She presented her new song and video “Filme cu Noi” in collaboration with NOSFE. This is the second time the two artists work together. The music and the lyrics of the new project are done by Alina Eremia, NOSFE, Killa Fonic and Liviu Teodorescu. […]

  In the first days of 2019 Samanta released her new single “Vone” in a collaboration with Elinel. The Albanian singer made herself the music line of the song and worked for the music with bigdeal Records. The lyrics are written by Elinel. In the video Samanta looks amazing either with her entirely white outfit, […]

  The new Ardian Bujupi’s project is called “Guns & Roses” and is a common project with the Kurdish singer, dancer, actress and model Helly Luv. The music producer of the song is Kostas Karagiodzidis with whom Ardian Bujupi has worked and before. The lyrics are done by Ardijan Bujupi, Helly Luv and MUMA. The […]

  The three famous artists Flori Mumajesi, Ghetto Geasy and Bruno gathered together for a new common project titled “Mori”. The singers have made and other collaborations among them and before but in different configurations. For the first time the three of them work together. The music of the song is done by Flori Mumajesi. […]

  Butrint Imeri and Gjiko presented their collaboration titled “Bakllava”. The guys work together for the first time. The song is created by BIG BANG and the two artists. The video is directed by Shaban Shabani.  

  Nora Istrefi presented her new single “M’ke mungu” in collaboration with Skerdi. The beautiful singer released a few collaborations lately but this is the first time she works with the rapper. Skerdi also had many successful projects with different artists from the r’n’b genre. The music of the song is done by BIG BANG. […]

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