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Alina Eremia and Mario Fresh sing about the broken hearts

Written by on 25.01.2023

Alina Eremia and Mario Fresh sing about the broken hearts

Alina Eremia releases “Ai Fost”, an emotional song, in which Mario Fresh is her partner. “Ai Fost” is a warm ballad, about broken hearts, but reconciled with the situation of separation, thanks to beautiful memories. The song talks about lessons, about the positive side of things that remain after a love relationship. The sensitive lyrics and light rhythm highlight the bright voices of the two.

The song-collaboration between Alina and Mario  is composed by the two of them, with the help of Paul Iorga for the production part.

“I wrote the song “Ai Fost” together with Mario and Paul Iorga, being the first session in this formula. I think this song looked for us more than we looked for it. I think there was a need for such a message, which is so simple, but so complex. You need to love to give thanks. I hope it sticks to people’s hearts. We really like it.”, Alina Eremia tells us.

“I am very happy to say that I composed this piece together with Alina Eremia and Paul Iorga. The song was created in the Bear Music studio and initially, everything came as a proposal to be Alina’s song, but at the moment of the meeting “magic” happened. We found that we are two compatible artists and we really appreciate each other, so we ended up making it a collaboration. My story and Alina’s started a long time ago, when we were “competitors” in all the competitions where we sang, and over time we crossed paths in our careers. For me, this song is a masterpiece, in all its forms. It’s a sensitive song, a song that takes you through all the moods, and I think together we’ve managed to create something special that will reach people’s hearts, especially the hearts of those who have gone through similar stories.”, Mario Fresh tells us.

Alina Eremia is one of the most loved and influential artists in the Romanian musical landscape, with hundreds of millions of views and a whole army of fans following her every move. In 2021, the artist was present in the Top 100 Media Forest Romania with 3 songs – “Noi”, “Dependenta Mea”, “Cerul Rosu” – 2 of the singles being included on the album “Déjà vu” which won the award for “Best Album” at The Artist Awards 2021. In 2022, the artist was present in many musical projects, including One True Singer or “In Zadar – Behind the Music”, the artist’s latest documentary where we could see all the stages he went through in a musical field. Also, 2022 was a very good year from a musical point of view, releases like “20:29” or “Supertare”, together with Connect-R, dominated the music charts, being present in the Top 10 Radio Airplay weeks in a row. The song also won an award at The Artist Awards 2022, for the most viral Romanian song. Recently, Alina also released a new EP, “Metamorphosis”, with new and experimental sounds for the artist, for which she collaborated with names such as Sak Noel, Ilkan Gunuc, Arem Ozguc and Arman Aydin.

Mario Fresh is the artist who conquered the public with numerous hits such as “Brațe Straine” (with Andra), “Saraca Inima Mea”, “Daca pleci”, “Ne mintim”, “Solo” and “Chitara Mea”, a reinterpretation of the single “Sa Cantam, Chitara Mea”, one of the most loved songs of all time. It was followed by “Adu-mi Soarele”, a song for all those who feel lost when the person they love leaves and “Bine De Tot”, a project full of color, with incredible energy and fresh rhythms that challenge you to dance wherever you are. Recently, he conquered the public and all the radios with the song “Necesar”, in collaboration with Renato.

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