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The pop idols Mihaela Fileva and Grafa sing in a duet again six years after their first joint song and great anticipation from their fans. In the middle of the summer, the singers released their new song “Agenda”. The fresh afro-beat rhythm, the beautiful melody and the sea-feeling video, lined with the charismatic presence and […]

The most anticipated domestic video this summer is certainly the one announced by Lidija Bacic Lille and Zanamari for the song “Stop”. The announcement of this duet provoked many reactions from the audience, and the song quickly became one of the most played in Croatia. Apart from being totally different from everything that Lidija has […]

What could be more satisfying for an artist than bringing his music to life beyond borders? And here it is the new international collaboration – the Albanian star Tayna teamed up with the French rapper L’Algerino for the song “Moona”. The 24-year-old Albanian star Tayna, whose real name is Doruntina Shala, is extremely popular in […]

Dino Merlin’s online concert was realized as a kind of journey from apocalyptic reality to hope, so with the repertoire of new and old songs, some written three decades ago, this artist in his own way reflected current events in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. The migrant crisis, the tragedy that befell Croatia, the […]

Sickotoy is releasing “Touche” featuring Misha Miller, the artist from Moldavia whose voice can be heard on the “Smoke Me” hit. The collaboration of the two artists outlines a dynamic, mysterious song, which gives an effervescent vibe. The message sent through the lyrics exposes the attempt to find a solution to get out of a […]

The young Bulgarian star Gery-Nikol surprised her fans with a new song in collaboration with the Macedonian rapper Slatkaristika. The song is entitled “Gleday Me” and with its appearance provoked mixed reactions in the audience. Slatkaristika offered the Bulgarian to make a joint song last year, but it took time to create the final project, […]

Irina Rimes surprises the public with a fiery appearance and a song different from the style she spoilt her fans with. The artist is releasing Your Love, in collaboration with the American artist Cris Cab, a bold song, through which she has completely left her comfort zone, but which fits her perfectly. Irina continues to […]

Smiley and Delia released “Ne vedem noi”, a song considered by the public and by those in the industry as the most awaited collaboration in Romanian pop music in recent years. “I know that the public has been asking us for a song together for a long time, but I can only collaborate when I […]

The famous singers Kida and Mozzik team up again for the new project entitled “PP”, which in fact includes two songs “Paranoia” and “Pishmon”. Their previous collaboration “Premtimet”, released five years ago, was a smash hit and counted more than 50 million views on YouTube. The duo announced that they are ready and with another […]

  The charming Slovenian singer Luka Basi recently released a new song entiteld “Ni Dubai, Ni Hawaii” in collaboration with the popular Croatian star Neda Ukraden. Luka Basi confessed that their collaboration happened completely spontaneously, when Neda Ukraden, who will be celebrating her 70th birthday this year, was in the studio with his music producer […]

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