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Tony Cetinski and Adi Sose on the border between the real and the virtual world

Written by on 05.02.2024

Tony Cetinski and Adi Sose on the border between the real and the virtual world

Tony Cetinski, one of the most popular and also one of the most loved musicians on the Balkans and beyond, always ready for something new, presents us a duet with Adi Sose “Sve Ili Nista”. The long-awaited collaboration between Tony and the young and promising Adi, who is already adored throughout the region, was united by the song of Amil Lojo, responsible for the music, lyrics, arrangement and production.

Otherwise, what they both have in common is that they have had the opportunity to collaborate with the mentioned author on several occasions, who only has words of praise for them, and now they have a song together called “Sve Ili Nista”.

“The song “Sve Ili Nista” was written probably three years ago, and I think, it couldn’t have gotten better performers. Two great vocalists who fit in perfectly and with whom I always have a great pleasure to collaborate.”, said Amil.

Tony and Adi told us first-hand what preceded this author-performer tandem and what impressions it left on them.

“I recorded the demo for this song “Sve Ili Nista” three years ago, just to have a working version. Then Amil sent it to Tony, without any pressure, and simply one thing led to another and here we are. It is a great honor to work with Tony, because I grew up with his music, fell in love and was left, so he was unknowingly a part of my life. Even though we haven’t met physically yet, I feel like we’ve known each other all our lives. The song is almost like an artistic anthem, we all listen with our hearts more than anything else, although realistically it’s not bad to include the mind sometimes, especially when you deal with things behind the lights of the stage.”, said Adi Sose.

“I have been preparing this duet with Adi for a long time. For about two or three years, we waited for the release of the joint song “Sve Ili Nista”, which I think is a complete hit in terms of the combination of music and lyrics and in general the author’s coverage, for which Amil Lojo is responsible. I have a very successful multi-year collaboration with him, and that’s why I’m even more happy about all this. I am happy that the long-awaited duet with the extremely talented Adi Sose has finally seen the light of day, and I believe that you will enjoy it, at least as much as I do.”, said Tony Cetinski.

Apart from the exceptional vocals with which he has been refining the music scene and selling out concert halls for several decades, it is no less known that Tony is a lover of new technology, so for the purposes of the new video he used the sources of new technology, which includes Al artificial intelligence under the direction of Paolo Gentilini.

What exactly is it about, without revealing too much, he himself briefly described to us.

“In the music video for the new song “Sve Ili Nista” Adi and I wake up from hibernation in a new world where the fight between us and the machines begins, i.e. armies of robots, the struggle for survival and migration to a better and more humane place. I must say that a big challenge for me is cooperation with young and creative people. I am overjoyed that I can also constantly learn and experiment, both with new technologies and with music.”

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