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Balkanika Music Television celebrates its 15th birthday. The television started broadcasting in 2005 and during these years established as one of the most popular music television channels because of its unique concept combining modern hits from all Balkan countries and new projects of the biggest stars of the Balkans. 15 years Balkanika Music Television offers […]

The Montenegrin star Sergej Cetkovic presented his new single “Vratile se ptice”. The ballad is the first official video published by the artist in 2020. As always the music and the lyrics are signed by the artist himself. “One night, with a piano and a glass of wine, I was working on sections of some […]

How do a few exchanged messages in the social media grow into a true friendship and an exciting creative session? The answer is in Pavell & Venci Venc’s x VessoU’s new single – “Cash”. At the end of last year, Pavell & Venci Venc’ contacted VessoU, and the reason for this was the premiere of […]

The young Macedonian r’n’b singers Traker and Lunna teamed up again for the new single “Drama”. Last month they released the song “Toa sto si ti”, which was very well accepted by the audience. The music and the lyrics of “Drama” are written by the two artists of Urban Records. The video is directed by […]

The Serbian star Sasa Kovacevic continues to present his brand new singles and videos filmed in the Dominican Republic. “Ona” is the last one, which comes after “Pantera”. “Moja Malena” and “Afera”. Again for the music of the song Sasa Kovacevic worked along with his brother Rade Kovacevic and a team of Latin American musicians. […]

The Serbian rapper SHA presented his new duet single along with the reality star Kija entitled “Pazi Flow”. Actually the same day SHA released also two other videos “Meri Seci” and “Dobar Plan”. All the songs are included in his new album. The duet with Kija was kept in secret till the end. As the […]

Watch 3 IN 1 with three of the greatest hits of the young Turkish star Aleyna Tilki. Don’t miss show which the starts on July 25 (Saturday) at 18:00 h EET only on BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION. In case you miss it you can watch it also on July 26 (Sunday) at 11:00 h EET and […]

Minelli is back with a new single “Discoteka”, in collaboration with INNA – an energetic and playful track that incites to nothing but dancing and having fun. The track was composed by Minelli, INNA, Alex Cotoi and Sebastian Barac. The music video was directed and filmed by Bogdan Paun and Alex Muresan, the script was […]

The famous Serbian singers Relja and Rasta teamed up for a new project entitled “Genge”. The two artists collaborate for the first time and the result according to their fans is the summer hit of 2020. The music of the song is created by Djordje Djordjevic, Ivan Obradovic, Veljko Karic and Rasta, while the beat […]

The popular Croatian band Colonia presented their new single “Doza”. Scenes of wild driving, walking along the edge of a skyscraper and sexy singer Ivana Lovric in the arms of a tattooed young man – all these you can see in the video.  Not to mantion the infectious sound of the 80’s which definitely brings […]

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