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After the success of their song “Chula Li Si” released more than 2 years ago, Iva and Velislava Kostadinovi decided to continue to enrich their repertoire in this different musical line. Stepping firmly on its folklore sound, they present to music lovers their new modern interpretation of the folk song “Kaval sviri, mamo” in ethno-house […]

Randi started the year in force, releasing a brand new song, in collaboration with the well-known Australian singer Faydee. “Body Language” is an energetic dance song, with slap bass influences, and also some subtle Balkan influences in its interpretation. The song is composed and produced by Randi, in the Famous Production studios, and the lyrics […]

With a mask like The Phantom of the Opera, one of the most listened Bulgarian performers, TOTO H jumps into a new solo single “Partizanka”. And this time half of the duo SkandaU walks on the heart string of the listeners. The text, which is traditionally done by TOTO H himself, stumbles into open wounds […]

Two of the most promising young performers of the Croatian music scene – Eni Jurisic and Matija Cvek have joined forces and present a powerful ballad – “Trebas li me”. The author of the lyrics and music is Matija Cvek, and the team was joined in the role of producer by another big and promising […]

wrs, an exotic presence within the music scene, releases another song in the early beginning of 2022. „Dalia” is a single from his upcoming EP „Mandala”. In a cold January, „Dalia” is a narrow escape to summer vibes. The song was composed by wrs, EMAA and Alex Ghinea, and the production of the song was […]

Collaborations have long been a formula for the successful realization of repertoire and artists in more than one territory. Considering that the shared moments between talented people from different countries in the studio and on stage are a great opportunity, the teams of Virginia Records and Universal Music Romania created the project “Call Me” for […]

INNA continues the series of successful collaborations and is preparing the release of the latest single “Up” with Sean Paul, one of the most beloved and well-known artists in the world. Jamaican dancehall singer and rapper Sean Paul entered the global mainstream in the early 2000’s with songs like “Get Busy” from his “Dutty Rock” […]

We present to you “Atlantida”, a song that many have been looking forward to. This is the first song signed by Indira Levak and Boris Djurdjevic, but not as a band, but as collaborators. “Atlantida” is a song whose first outlines were created this summer, but it is now ready for release. The song shows […]

“When I first met Mihaela, I knew she had the right set of qualities for a world career,” said the British star James Arthur when he came to Bulgaria in 2014 to sing with her in the finals of the third season of X Factor. 7 years later Mihaela Marinova has an impressive career as […]

Poli Genova, one of the most successful and beloved Bulgarian singers, officially presented her latest hit “Na Na”. With this song, the singer sends an extremely successful year, both professionally and personally, after a few days ago she became the mother of a girl with the beautiful name Lea Catherine. The video for “Na Na” […]

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