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  The Macedonian pop singer Aleksandra Janeva presented her new single “Srce otvori”. After the successful single “Ke se vratam nekoj den” for which she worked with the composers Pance Kasapski and Ile Spasev the artist collaborates again with the same team and for her new song. The lyrics of “Srce otvori” are written by […]

The Albanian star Elvana Gjata presented her new single “Tavolina e merzise”. From the moment when the video was published in YouTube the numerous fans of the artist claimed that it will be a big hit. The music of the song is done by Armend Rexhepagiqi, the lyrics are by Aida Baraku and the arrangement […]

  Lea Sirk, who represented Slovenia in last year’s The Eurovision Song Contest, presented her new project “My Moon” in collaboration with DJ Tomy DeClerque. The singer has been working hard lately. After releasing the video of “Hvala, ne” for Eurovision contest,  she presented another project “Moj Profil”. Her new project “My Moon” though is […]

  In the month of love – February the Turkish artist Irem Derici released her new ballad song that is called “Meftun”. This song is dedicated to everyone who is in love. The music and the lyrics are done by Eyup Cungay and the arrangement is by Alper Atakan. The video is directed by Umut […]

  The Albanian singer Adelina Berisha released her new single “Gabim I Bukur” which was presented with a video. The song is composed by Irkenc Hyka. The lyrics are written by Petro Xhori. The new Adelina Berisha’s single is a combination of modern sounds and perfect mix of Balkan elements and Latin rhythms played with […]

  Bobi Pavlovski presented his new project “Tamo negde”. Like his previous single this one is also in Serbian. The music of the song is done by Aleksandar Cvetkovic – the front man of Tropico Band who composed Bobi Pavlovski’s previous song. Both guys are good friends for a long time but lately stated to […]

  Berkcan Demir was born on April 6, 1996 in Ankara, Turkey. He spent his childhood in Ankara, where he started playing the guitar but he was always interested in the electronic music. Only at 15 Berkcan Demir started producing his own music, spending hours in the studio and waiting for the right moment to […]

  The young artist Stefany Loca presented a new version of the smash hit “Falava” released in 2016 and originally performed by Naguale and the famous Romanian singer Andra. In the Greek version the vocals are sang by Stefany. The music of the song is by Alex Pelin, Ovidiu Baciu and Alexandru Antonescu. The lyrics […]

  Murat Boz presented a new song called “Oldur Beni Sevgilim”, included in the OST of the eponymous movie, in which the artist is participating. It will available in theaters on March 1. The music of the song is done by Gokcer Turan and Birkan Sener. The lyrics are written by Meral Turan. The video […]

  The Slovenian duo BQL, which is found by two brothers, presented their new single “Ko Je Ni”. The song was released on one of the 20-th birthday of the younger brother –  Anej Piletic. The music of the song is done by Rok Lunacek, Luka Vunduk and Raay. The lyrics are by Rok Lunacek. […]

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