Alex Velea and Antonia in love in “Sahara”

Written by on 06.07.2018


Alex Velea presented his new single”Sahara”  in a collaboration with Antonia and Lino Golden.

The music is done by Denis Roabes (The Motans), Alexandru Cotoi, Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, Alexandru Velea and Mark Stam. The lyrics are written by  Denis Roabes (The Motans), Alexandru Velea and Lino Golden.

Sensuality, colors and a lot of heat can be found in the latest single signed by Alex Velea. Inspired by his love for Antonia, the artist launches the song “Sahara”. The video is quite exotic, like a modern fairytale “1001 nights”, reminiscent of the charm of desert and immortal love.

Director of the video is Bogdan Paun.


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