Faydee and Antonia are launching the video for the song “Trika-Trika”, a song that talks about toxic relationships. Shooting the music video was very dynamic: “It was done with a lot of adrenaline but it was fun, I felt so good! We had to finish everything on time, because I had to fly to […]

  Antonia presented her new single entitled “Touch Me”, a powerful track with English lyrics and with a futuristic music video. The song is written by Minelli and produced by Costin Bodea and the video’s concept was a product of Alex Velea’s  and NGM Creative’s ideas. The music video was filmed by Alexandru Muresan and […]

  Today her birthday celebrates Antonia! We wish her very happy birthday! We wish her lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

    Antonia released the official video of her new single “Matame” featuring Erik Frank. „Matame” was written by Marius Dia, Alex Parker, Erik Frank (all of them are songwriters and producers at DeMoga Music), Olivia Addams and produced by Alex Parker & Marius Dia. “Matame’s video is exactly what I wanted it to be, […]

  Alex Velea presented his new single”Sahara”  in a collaboration with Antonia and Lino Golden. The music is done by Denis Roabes (The Motans), Alexandru Cotoi, Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, Alexandru Velea and Mark Stam. The lyrics are written by  Denis Roabes (The Motans), Alexandru Velea and Lino Golden. Sensuality, colors and a lot of […]

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