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Alex Velea and Antonia are ready with the long awaited collaboration for the single “Tranquilo Papi”. The catchy song with reggaeton rhythms was composed by Alex Velea, the lyrics are written by Alex Velea, Antonia and Rashid, the instrumental is by Buzea Florin. The official video, sexy and provocative, is done by NGM Creative creation, […]

Alex Velea returns to the style that consecrated him with the new single – “Ultimul Sarut”. After a period full of success, changes and innovations, Alex Velea returns with a new love song. The song was composed in the Golden Boy Society studios by Alex Velea, Rashid, Razvan Matache and Florin Buzea. The song “Ultimul […]

After releasing “Taifun” in Romanian, a track which has been welcomed by Romanian audience, but also Bulgarian, Antonia is coming back with the English-Bulgarian version – “Typhoon”. ToTo H is one of the most appreciated artists in Bulgaria, with a lot of hits, the winner of VIP Brother in 2017, part of the SkandaU, one […]

At the beginning of the year, Antonia released the video “Taifun”. ” Taifun” is a love song in Romanian composed by Alex Velea and Theea Miculescu and produced by Razvan Matache. The videoproduction is done by NGM Creative and the video is directed by Bogdan Paun. “I worked for this song with one of my […]

  Antonia presented her new single entitled “Touch Me”, a powerful track with English lyrics and with a futuristic music video. The song is written by Minelli and produced by Costin Bodea and the video’s concept was a product of Alex Velea’s  and NGM Creative’s ideas. The music video was filmed by Alexandru Muresan and […]

  Today his birthday celebrates Alex Velea! We wish him very happy birthday! We wish him lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  The Romanian star Alex Velea presented his brand new single titled “Mona Lisa de Cuba”. The song is in Romanian language but with modern Latin sound. The music of the song is done by Alex Velea along with Theea Miculescu. The lyrics are written by Theea Miculescu. The video is done by @ciolpan_films.  

  Alex Velea released his new video called “Animale”. The Romanian star composed the music himself alone and the lyrics he wrote along with Rashid. The artist said about the song that it perfectly describes the way we entertain. That is why and the video presents the ideal party.  

  Alex Velea presented his new single”Sahara”  in a collaboration with Antonia and Lino Golden. The music is done by Denis Roabes (The Motans), Alexandru Cotoi, Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, Alexandru Velea and Mark Stam. The lyrics are written by  Denis Roabes (The Motans), Alexandru Velea and Lino Golden. Sensuality, colors and a lot of […]

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