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A modern version of a traditional folk song by Iva and Velislava Kostadinovi

Written by on 23.02.2022

A modern version of a traditional folk song by Iva and Velislava Kostadinovi

After the success of their song “Chula Li Si” released more than 2 years ago, Iva and Velislava Kostadinovi decided to continue to enrich their repertoire in this different musical line. Stepping firmly on its folklore sound, they present to music lovers their new modern interpretation of the folk song “Kaval sviri, mamo” in ethno-house style. In their version, it is called “Dogodina”, and the choice is not accidental.

“We know the song literally from babies. We got up with her, we went to bed with her. There are other such songs, but this one had a different impact on us. Hearing our grandmother Guna Ivanova sing it, we fell silent and listened carefully. It even stopped our baby crying. It brings us vivid memories of childhood, brings a specific and somehow mystical energy. We can safely say that this song is one of the serious reasons why we love Bulgarian folklore so much. That’s why we decided to interpret it that way.”, said the talented sisters.

For the interpretation and arrangement of this original song from the Pirin region, the singers again trusted the hitmaker Svetlin Kaslev.

“Our work with Svetlin is perfect! We understand each other in a few words. The energy he invests, as well as his thinking, definitely match ours. He is a man who turns every song into a hit, thanks to his talent and sense!”, the charming singers do not hide their admiration for the composer. The kaval in “Dogodina” was played by the young and talented Georgi Dobrev.

“We made the song very quickly in Kaslev’s studio, it was ready in early February 2020. But as we all know, shortly after that difficult times began. Because of this and other personal unpleasant experiences, we organized the video realization in October 2021.”, said Iva and Velislava.

For the video for the song, the performers of Diapason Records trusted Pavlin Ivanov – Bashmotion. The script, direction, filming and choice of choreographer – Radostina Tocheva (Rio Crew), are entirely his.

“The concept of Bashmotion video connected with our folklore circle and our surroundings. The idea is that regardless of everything around us, we remain as we are – with music and purity in heart and soul. We can say that the situation is the same in “living” life. The last two years have been very difficult, but for now we remain what we are, despite all the trials of life, despite all the difficulties we went through and other not so pleasant things.”, said Iva and Velislava.

Special thanks to Folkloren Izvor association, which supports them and believes unconditionally in their idea to create something different from everything seen and heard so far.

“This distinctiveness is important, it charges us and inspires us. Now is the time for such musical experiments. We thank Kaslev and Bashmotion for giving their best, for their wonderful work making “Dogodina” what it is, and thus gave us wings and inspiration to continue. This is not our first different interpretation, but it will not be the last. We thank all the people who stand behind us and support us even in our most difficult moments, so that today we are as we are!”, Iva and Velislava Kostadinovi shared emotionally.

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