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Nikolija представи новото си видео за песента “No Plaky”. Тя работила здраво по песента преди епидемията с Covid-19 и така работи заедно с Sheriff Francis, също Gazda Paja иTeodora Pavlovska. Тя заснема видото в Атина  с режисьора  Sheriff Francis. Това е седмото видео, което таой прави за сръбската изпълнителка. “Надявам се, че хората ще харесат […]

  Nikolija presented her new video for the song “No Plaky”. She worked hard on the new song before the Covid-19 epidemic, and on that occasion, she collaborated with Sheriff Francis, as well as with Gazda Paja and Teodora Pavlovska. She shoted the video in Athens with the director Sheriff Francis. This is the seventh […]

  After the collaborations with Magla Bend and Coby, Serbian star Natasa Bekvalac presented a solo single “Dodji Mami”. It will be included in her new album which will be released till the end of the year. For this project the singer works again with Coby and Teodora Pavlovska who composed the music. The lyrics […]

  The attractive Serbian singer Nikolija presented her new album “Yin & Yang” which includes 10 tracks in total. Except the well-known “Nema Limita”, “Slazem” and “Los Momak”, the singer presented and 7 brand new songs with videos for a very short period. These songs are the eponymous “Yin & Yang”, also the other solo […]

  Nikolija presented her first single from the new album. The song is titled “Yin & Yang”. She promises that she will release soon and the other six brand new projects. The music and the lyrics of the song are done by Teodora Pavlovska. “Everyone has two sides. I myself on one side can be […]

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