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Are you ready for some full of mistery vibes? Did you think about how dangerous love can become? If not, “Criminal” is here to change your mind Real love… does it truly exist? Well, we don’t know, but this idea is often invoked during the song. And nothing can be stronger than a love commitment […]

With a more aggressive production approach than usual, which is entirely Vibe Drops’ contribution, Otilia is back today with her latest single, in collaboration with Mike Diamondz. “Pumpin” can easily be made the anthem of an international twerk competition – its vibe making it almost impossible for anybody to stay put! Mike Diamondz is a […]

  Otilia’s newest song is here! After a break from the domestic and international musical market.  Otilia makes a strong comeback with her new single, “Origami”, in collaboration with the famous Puerto Rican rapper Lary Over.     The song is a production with strong urban Latin influences that promises that it will conquer the […]

  Today her birthday celebrates Otilia! We wish her very happy birthday! We wish her lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  Otilia presented her new single “Latina” which is a collaboration with Omar Secada. The music of the song is done by Vitan Andrei and Mario Joy and the lyrics are written by Molina Lucas Dario and Omar Secada. The Romanian singer as usual sings in Spanish. She looks very hot and sexy in the […]

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