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The Serbian girl band Hurricane presested their new hit “Loco Loco” which is the Serbian entry in Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The song was composed by Nemanja Antonic (who also created and “Hasta la Vista”) and Darko Dimitrov worked with him on the arrangement. The lyrics wrote the band member Sanja Vucic. The video is […]

The popular Serbian girl band Hurricane surprised their numerous fans with three new videos: “Caje Sukarije”, “Lopove” and “Want Ya”. “At a time when we can’t hang out with our audience at our performances, we decided to give them three new songs.”, said the Hurricane girls. The well-known “Caje Sukarije”, which was performed by Esma […]

  The girl band Hurricane, that was chosen to represent Serbia to this year’s Eurovision contest that was canceled due to the pandemic, teams up with the famous rapper MC Stojan for their new single entitled “Tuturutu”. The song is composed by MC Stojan and Marko Moreno while the lyrics are by Aleksa Solaja and […]

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