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Here is the time we chase the sun rays and the time we dedicate to our loved ones. With the song, “Se Zivi”, for which Raay wrote the music and Marjetka Vovk the lyrics, love is celebrated – joy, kisses, looks. “The song says that a year is 365 days long, and all days are […]

After a successful “Spet Zaljubljena” song, Alya is in love again, and she is ready with a new single “Ti Z Mano Znas”. She wanted a song that would remind us of the simplest but at the same time – the most important things in life – to wake up in the morning and be […]

  The Slovenian star Alya presented her new video “Spet Zaljubljena”. The song is dedicated to the unconditional love. The romantic ballad has already conquered the hearts of all fans. “The story is happening in an apartment where the couple is living and showing their love to each other. It is usually an experience that […]

  Today her birthday celebrates Alya! We wish her very happy birthday! We wish her lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

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