Sickotoy releases ”VKTM” - a super collab with INNA and TAG - Balkanika

Sickotoy releases ”VKTM” – a super collab with INNA and TAG

Written by on 27.05.2020

Sickotoy releases ”VKTM” – a super collab with INNA and TAG


Sickotoy is back with another banger: „VKTM”, with a strong, eclectic sound and a super collab with INNA and TAG.

The track is composed by Breyan Isaac and Sickotoy (Alex Cotoi) and produced by Sickotoy.

The futuristic, sexy, fashionable, dynamic and energetic music video was directed and filmed by Bogdan Paun and Alexandru Muresan (NGM Creative), the script was created by Andra Marta and Cristina Poszet (NGM Creative), the music video production is credited to Loops Production.

“VKTM was a very interesting experience from a musical point of view. I collaborated with Breyan Isaac, and INNA, through her voice and attitude, brought the track to a whole different level. The composing session was really FUN, it gave us full creative freedom. The track’s message could be considered taboo in our daily lives, each one of us has feelings that can’t be directly express, but there are moments when you get deeply sincere and become vulnerable, a victim of love. The beat is strong, full of energy, and I hope, a future club hit”, says Sickotoy.

“VKTM is that track that I’ve listened to on repeat, non-stop, and I just couldn’t wait for its release, it’s one of my favorites! Turn the volume up and enjoy love and music, said INNA.

“VKTM is probably one of the most unique songs I’ve been apart of writing in a long time. It’s vulnerable, indulgent, apologetic, and openly rebellious all at the same damn time. I know everybody’s felt like this at least once. And, I did the song with my friends. So that makes it better”, said TAG.

Sickotoy has previously released “Addicted” feat. Minelli, “You Don’t Love Me” feat. Roxen and “Dum Dum” feat. Ilkay Sencan,  tracks that marked the Romanian producer’s sound, “responsible” for several hits from artists such as Carla’s Dreams, Delia, The Motans, Alina Eremia and others.

TAG – The Anti Group is a producer cohort who have previously worked with Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Charlie Puth, Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, Wiz Khalifa, David Guetta, Flo Rida, Pitbull, Waka Flocka, Kesha, Britney Spears and who were awarded by the Grammies and BMI.

INNA recently released the single “Not My Baby”, with over 8 million Youtube views, and “Sober”, tracks that were very well received by the fans, both marking the return of the artist to electronic dance music, the sound that established her as an artist.



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