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Sickotoy collaborates with Randi for the song ”Dancin’ To Forget”

Written by on 02.07.2021

Sickotoy collaborates with Randi for the song ”Dancin’ To Forget”

At almost two weeks since the release of the official single „Dancin’ To Forget”, Sickotoy and Randi are ready t ogive the public the official music video. The shots filled with dance and the emotion of the two protagonists perfectly describe the way in which dance and music completee eachother perfectly when feelings cannot be hidden anymore. In the music video we can also see the two artists, Sickotoy plays a DJ while Randi plays a tattoo artist. The music video was realized by Khaled.

Sickotoy, one of the most well-known producers in the Romanian music industry, releases the song “Dancin’ To Forget” in collaboration with Randi. Sickotoy’s strong beats, a trendmark already known in the Romanian musical landscape, along with Randi’s sensitive voice, create the perfect combination that makes you want to listen to the song all day long.

“I knew from the very first start that this will be a special collaboration, and Randi is one of the voices you can’t get mixed up. I’ve been working very fondly on this track because it’s perhaps one of the most sensitive songs I’ve ever produced. And the fact that it’s coming out with Randi can only make me happy,” says Sickotoy.

For the track called “Dancin To Forget”, both Sickotoy and Randi wrote the melodic line, Randi wrote the lyrics and the final production is a fusion of both artists’ vision.

„Dancin’ to Forget talks about the refuge that dancing sometimes represents to us. Dancing to forget relationship problems or anything that isn’t going like we would want it to. It is an escape from reality, from frustration and everything else that doesn’t make us happy. At times ironic, the track speaks of that moment of euphoria you have when you drink, dance and pretend everything is fine. Far from the ideal, the two „protagonists” of the track hide in their gazes, dizzy from alcohol and dance, truths that they don’t want to admit and so, the dance becomes their momentary escape from a reality they didn’t wish to live for.

With an extensive background in both music and programming, SICKOTOY is one of the most raved about music producers of the moment. The man behind SICKOTOY is Alex Cotoi, one of the best Romanian producers the industry has ever seen. He is also the winner of a Grammy for “The Best Latin, Rock & Urban Alternative Album”, obtained through his collaboration with Pitbull, Mohombi and Wisin for “Baddest Girl in Town”. His latest releases such as ”Call 911” featuring MARUV, or ”Touche” in collaboration with Misha Miller are just a few of the hits that he managed to released since his first big banger, ”Addicted” feat. Minelli.

Randi is a well known Romanian singer and composer. He was part of the duo Morandi, with which he rose to fame and gained a lot of  national and international awards under his belt as an artist. With a unique, unmistakable voice, Randi has released a variety of succesful tracks, such as “Beijo”, “Falling Asleep”, “Oh La La”, “Angels”, “Colors”, “Ochii Aia Verzi” and many others.

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