Letu Stuke and Dubioza Kolektiv explode together

Written by on 08.11.2018


The news that Letu Stuke and Dubioza Kolektiv join forces in the song “Zemlja Gori” will surely gather great interest and cheer up their fans throughout the region.

Author of the music and the lyrics Dino Saran briefly referred to the song which officially announces the release of the fourth studio album Letu Stuke entitled “Topla Voda” in November.

“Zemlja Gori” is a satirical jumble about skipping homo sapiens in the diet chain.

“ I wanted to have that authentic Dubioza sound on the album. Anyway, on every other album I like to have a song for folk clubs, and this is one such song. As far as I’m approaching the West, this is still the Balkans. It always inspires me around me. I do not want to try to sound like some indie band from New York.”, said Saran.

Behind the arrangement and production stands Brano Jakubovic from the Dubioza Kolektiv.

“When Dino Saran writes a song, and Dubioza Kolektiv and Letu Stuke put their sound, it’s not hard to come up with the idea of ​​a video. We have tried to visualize our reality in which we think that we are more important than what we really are.  The videoshows the parallel world of realism and the abstract of the main figure played by Dino. We usually leave the jobs unfinished, while we are borrowing credit to fund the weekends on weekends. Bread and games, while the robot does not replace us all. “, said the director Admir Svrakic.


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