Ashley and Alisia fooled the men

Written by on 27.03.2020


The attractive Ashley introduced her new video “Tvoeto momiche” starring the unique Alisia. Until the very last moment the collaboration with the Bulgarian superstar was kept in secret, and last night after its premiere on FEN TV channel, the comments are overwhelming.

Ashley has collaborated with many different artists, but the common thing is that they are all men. For the first time the talented singer made a joint project with a lady. Of course, when it comes to two beautiful women, what can be the topic, other than men. In “Tvoeto momiche”, the Diapason Records artist is portrayed as an injured woman who changes her attitude toward men in 180 degrees. As is often happened in real life, a good and naive girl becomes a strong woman who does not allow any man to impose on her. This is best done with the help of a female friend, and in this case the support comes from the charming Alisia. The two girls literally play the men as they please and show them who is in command.




Ashley does not hide that she is very excited about working with Alisia. “She’s just amazing! I am very happy that he got involved in my project and gave it even more incredible sound! We worked extremely well because she is an absolute professional and an incredible perfectionist, and just like me, she wants everything to be done in the smallest detail. “, said the singer. “I believe many ladies will recognize themselves in the song and will really like it. I hope that soon we will enjoy it together in clubs around the country! I hope that soon the emergency situation we are in will pass and we can all continue our lives better and wiser in the future! Until then, stay home, watch yourself and watch “Tvoeto momiche”! “, she said.



For Alisia, who is one of the most loved artists, it  is not the first time to give a hand to a young performer. Without hesitation, she immediately agreed to join the song. “I’ve always enjoyed helping every young and talented performer because I think everyone deserves their chance. In addition, the song is done by Radomir Kishev, who is one of the best composers. I wish Ashley much success! She is dedicated and serious, so we can expect interesting projects from her! “, said the star.

The video is directed by Georgi Markov.

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