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Andra and her Superhero

Written by on 22.02.2019

Andra and her Superhero


After the collaborations with  Descemer Bueno, Enrique Iglesias and El Micha for the English version of “Nos Fuimos Lejos”, Andra returns with a brand new song in Romanian – “Supereroi”.

The music of the song is done by the team Irina Rimes, Vlad Lucan and Alex Cotoi, while the lyrics are written by Irina Rimes. The song tells about the infinite power of love and in the same time about the challenges that every couple passes, regardless of the stage they are in. “Every relationship has challenges, and we are all really superheroes when we love and make the love story goes on, no matter how hard it is. I don’t think love lasts only for three years but we have to do a lot to keep it alive, even if there are moments of restlessness, sighs, questions and a bitter taste. Love drives us to the ground, but it can also raises us up to the sky!”, said Andra.

In the video Andra appears along with Ilie Dimitrscu Jr. – the son of the famous former football player. The young guy is studying Acting in London and has also participated in some productions like “Hackerville”. He travelled from England to Romania especially for the shooting of Andra’s video. Director of the video is Roman Burlaca.


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