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UFO, aliens and a breathtaking love story in Dara Ekimova’s new video

Written by on 27.09.2021

UFO, aliens and a breathtaking love story in Dara Ekimova’s new video

Days before the start of the first academic year for Dara Ekimova, the talented singer presented her new video. “Posleden Dah” tells the true love story of the singer with her lover. The stormy emotions between them flared up in his last year at the high school where Dara also studied. On her birthday that summer, the two realized they can’t live without each other. Three years later, they are still in love, and in the lyrics of “Posleden Dah” Dara Ekimova reveals that their souls have come a long way from previous lives to reach the love that intertwines their destinies today.

Dara Ekimova wrote the lyrics together with Iskren Tonchev-Iskrata, who is the composer and music producer of the song. The team of director Boyko Shtonov and cameraman Kaloyan Ignatov is again working on the video realization. The plot line is sustained in the style of the popular Sci-Fi movie classics. She goes through an unusual encounter with a mysterious heroine, persecution and divination with the oracle maps of the proto-Bulgarian runes, which predict the threats lurking Dara and her screen partner. The musician and model Nikolay Nikolaev plays his role. Dara met the talented drummer during the preparation for the series of successful concerts, which he realized in 2019, and which are a kind of tribute to the work of the Slang band.

Revealing her emotions from the set, Dara Ekimova shared: “Honestly, I was very worried. There is a huge difference in being together on the music stage and in front of the camera. The preparation for the photos was very difficult and responsible. My favorite part is acting. I like to incarnate in different images, and Boyko Shtonov easily manages to put me in diverse roles.”

Curiously, on the second day of filming, an unexpected guest was an integral part of the field team. A pet whose breed the team never managed to identify closely followed every movement. The curious lady carefully watched the work of stylist and make-up artist Nikola Floridov, coquettishly twirled her tail around the set of the hairdresser Georgi Petkov and could not wait to end the photo session to play with the official photographer of the production Teddy Grozdanov. Even when the “alien invasion” began shortly before midnight, he was not frightened. Her energetic bark rather betrayed: “Calm down, I’m here, I will protect you from any evil creeping into the dark.” “, filmed by Stanislav Peshev.

The video of “Posleden Dah” hints at the prehistory of Dara Ekimova’s super-successful hit “Voyna”, which lasted nearly 30 weeks in the TOP 10 of the official PROFON list for the most broadcast songs on the Bulgarian air and shows how Dara Ekimova ended up on the spaceship.

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