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Kiril Kirov-Kiko

  The Bulgarian r’n’b  star Krisko released his new single “Nezamenim”. This is his first solo project after two years during he presented collaborations with different artists. The music and the lyrics of the song are done by Krisko himself. The arrangement is by Snowmusic, Krisko, Evgueni Dimitrov – Maestroto. The track is quite different […]

After their successful project “Murdau” the three artists Krisko, Dim and Boro Parvi gathered together again for a new joint song called „Afterman”. The lyrics are written by the r’n’b artists, whule the beat is done by BenihanaBoi. The arrangement is by Krisko. The video was directed by Krisko and Kiril Kirov-Kiko.

Earlier this year the Bulgarian rapper Krisko and the TV host Slavi Trifonov presented their joint single “Gledai kak se pravi” which was very successful. Now they are ready with a new project called “Edno Ferrari Model 2019”. This song is based on the popular song performed by Slavi Trifonov and Ku-Ku Band about 20 […]

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