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The long-awaited premiere of “Ako mozheshe” is a fact. Krum’s song with the special participation of Emilia was officially presented, and the comments of music lovers come one after another: “This song inspires me with hope and faith. It also gives me great strength!”,“There are few songs that can make a good impression, and how […]

One year after “Djeale” became a favorite song of people of all ages, the Bulgarian star Emilia presents a new one with the same team, but this time in a very different style. The trap song is again signed by Costi, with whom the singer works for her international projects. “Deals” has been a fact […]

Една година след като „Djeale“ се превърна в любимото парче на малки и големи, българската звезда Емилия представя ново от същия екип, но този път в доста различен стил. Трап парчето отново е дело на Costi, с който певицата работи за международните си проекти. „“Deals” e факт от почти година, но стеклите се обстоятелства с […]

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