Extravagance and five-star sex appeal by Esil Duran

Written by on 10.12.2019


A five-star experience on the Aegean coast inspires Esil Duran to involve 20 persons team in the shooting of the video for her new single “Za Teb Ne Struvam”.

The turquoise water puzzle and the discreet luxury of a hotel in Bodrum make the singer pick it as a location for her project before she even has a song idea. At the heart of the dance track are the oriental beats of Albanian DJ Kaptomanik, who Esil Duran discovers on Instagram.



“There is a reversal of the creative process of “Za Teb Ne Struvam” – the week before I shot the video I had no arrangement and I was moving in front of the camera in a rhythm that sounded only in my head. I admit it looked pretty crazy, but we had fun!”, shared the star shares with a smile.

Her experience in her long career shows that the more difficult and challenging the realization of a song is, the greater its hit potential is.



“After a series of twists and turns, I had to write the lyrics – something that had not happened to me in 5 years time. The curious thing is that it is not based on any unfortunate love story. I was looking at the news with a blank sheet in my hand, talking about a natural disaster, and the phrase: “The cause of the fire” unlocked everything. The arrangement, in the way that it makes people dance now, is the done by Boris Pavlov. “, said Esil.

The shooting of “Za Teb Ne Struvam” is marked by misunderstandings such as a missed plane and almost fatal communicationerrors between the Bulgarian and Turkish teams. It does not take away the mood though and the crazy sex appeal that the performer shows in 4 boutique costumes designed by herself especifically for the video.



“For me, the fashion is the second main character in a video clip. The striking lines in designer suits emphasize the power of lyrics and music and tickle the imagination to a level where one immediately recognizes himself.”, shared Esil Duran, who has been developing successfully her fashion line for years and is honoured with the prestigious award “Golden Needle”.


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