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  Today his birthday celebrates Magnigico! We wish him very happy birthday! We wish him lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  Watch 3 IN 1 with three of the greatest hits of the Slovenian star Ines Erbus. Don’t miss show which the starts on November 3 (Saturday) at 18:00 h EET only on BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION. In case you miss it you can watch it also on November 4  (Sunday) at 11:00 h EET and also […]

  The Slovenian rapper is released his new project “Legenda”. The song is quite catchy and his fans are already sure that it will turn into a hit. For this song Challe Salle works with the producer Damjan Jovic. The video is very amusing and funny. The singer shows his dancing skills and no doubt […]


  Luka Basi has just married…. but only in the video of his new single “U bijelom”. The music of the song is done by Raay and the lyrics are written by Robert Pilepic. The song is dedicated to the big love. “When I first heard the song I just fell in love with it. […]

  The Serbian composer and singer Coby and the Slovenian r&b diva Senidah collaborate for the first time for their project “4 Strane Sveta”. Lately Coby is getting more and more popularity by composing songs many popular artists in Serbia. He is also releasing and his songs as a singer – solo project or collaborations […]

  Balkanika Music Television celebrates its 13th birthday. The televisions started broadcasting in 2005 and during these years established as one of the most popular music television channels because of its unique concept combining modern hits from all Balkan countries and new projects of the biggest stars of the Balkans. 13 years Balkanika Music Television […]

  Today his birthday celebrates Ines Erbus! We wish her very happy birthday! We wish her lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  Ines Erbus presented her new single “Ti I Ja”. The music is done by Daniel Vujevic and the lyrics are done by Andjela Stosic and Ines Erbus herself. The video is quite impressive. It has some fairy tale elements and is made by lots of sense of humour. The video is also shows singer’s […]

  After representing her country Slovenia  on the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Hvala, ne” Lea Sirk presents a new single “Moj Profil”. This song is the latest in her career which started in 2006. Since then she has released 13 singles, 1 album and has received many awards. The artist shows totally […]

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