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  Just two weeks later after releasing their single “Get Low”, Revolt Klan presented their new single “Tu Nombre” in a collaboration with Herbert. The music of the song is done by Enis Mullaj and the lyrics are written by Revolt Klan and Herbert. While Revolt sing in their mother language – Albanian, Herbert sings […]

  Balkanika Music Television celebrates its 13th birthday. The televisions started broadcasting in 2005 and during these years established as one of the most popular music television channels because of its unique concept combining modern hits from all Balkan countries and new projects of the biggest stars of the Balkans. 13 years Balkanika Music Television […]

  Shpat Kasapi released his new single “Ndjenja e saj”. This is his first project this year and it comes after the successful “Aroma e saj” which was release in 2017. The music of the song is done by Anxhelo Koci and the lyrics are written by Ergys Shahu. The video is done by Insidemedia. […]

  Tuna who has disappeared from the music stage lately now returns with the single “Chonga”. The singer withdrew from the music when she started her relationship with Patris Berisha – brother of the singer Robert Berisha. Naturally their love brought the birth of their first child – their son Tian. But now Tuna is […]

  In the middle of the summer Genta Ismajli presented her new single “Papi”. The music is done by Alandy and the lyrics are written by Endrit Mumajesi – MUMA. In “Papi” Genta sings both in Albanian and Spanish. The talented artist shows not only that she sings well but is a good dancer. She […]

  The Albanian duo Revolt Klan presented their new single “Get Low”. The music of the song is done by 2BR with whom the guys started collaborating and for their previous project “BMSHF”. The song is typical with typical r’n’b . Although the title is in English Revolt sing in their mother language – Albanian. […]

  Eni Koci released her new single “Gabimet” which is a collaboration with MC Kresha. The song is produced by Genc Prelvukaj. In the video Eni Koci shows perfect boxing skills. The singer is very keen on this sport and can be found very often in the gym practicing her skills. The video is done […]

  Era Istrefi – the Balkan singer that made a great worldwide breakthrough in the last year – released her new project “Oh God”. It is collaboration with Konshens. In the video Era is super sexy and hot.  

Samanta just presented her new project “Kush Jam”. The  Albanian singer worked with the composer Kledi Bahiti and Fifi for the lyrics. Music producer of the single is Darko Dimitrov. The video is shot by MAX Production.  In the video  the charming singer shows her perfect form. The attractive choreography is done by Graciano Tagani. […]

Bebe Rexha introduced her official video to the song “I’m A Mess”, which is part of her debut album “Expectations”. In the video the artist plays the role of a woman taken to an old psychiatric clinic and the atmosphere is  finished by white walls and straitjackets. She explains that mental health is the main […]

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