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4Magic with a new summer hit

Written by on 11.07.2020

“ХО ХО” is not only the title of 4Magic’s new project, but also an abbreviation for kisses and hugs, which is used in chat communication.

“One of the main ideas of the text is that everyone is very cool and funny on social networks, but in reality things often look very different.”, said Elia, Valya, Nicole and Eleonora, who are also the authors of the text.

“ХО ХО ” is the second single of 4Magic, which was created during the International creative camp for writing songs in Bulgaria – Sofia Songwriting Camp. Their previous song “Vselena” became a super hit and topped the list of the most broadcast Bulgarian music on radio and television for 17 consecutive weeks.

“XO XO” was born in one of the mobile studios in the mountains, where the team includes Nicole from 4Magic and a close friend and colleague of the girls from the group – Eva Parmakova, along with music producers and composers – Eric Bernholm, Tuji Keshtkar and Ynga. .

“With this song, we wanted to address those girls who once felt neglected or lied to in their relationships to encourage them and remind them that female power is not to be underestimated,” says 4Magic.

The video for “XO XO” is exactly in the style of 4Magic – colorful and playful, and in it the girls demonstrate good dance skills. The video was shot in the Sofia City Art Gallery with the support of Sofia Municipality and under the direction of Pavlin Ivanov – Bashmotion.

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