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Vangelis Tsaousopoulos

  The Greek band KINGS presented a collaboration with the beautiful Alexandra Panagiotarou, known from the fashion reality “My Style Rocks”. The fresh single is entitled “Papi”. The song which combines trap and dancehall rhythm is composed by Teo Tzimas. The lyrics are written by the band member Giannis Roussounelos – Moreno The video is […]

The Greek duo KINGS, famous for their collaborations with different artists, presented their new joint project for which they worked together with the popular singer Themis Adamantidis, loved for his distinguishing voice and emotional performances. The song is titled “Vasilias”. The music of the song is done by Giorgos Liatis. The lyrics are written by […]

  The charming Greek artist Konstantinos Galanos presented his new single “Pligomenos Aetos”. This is a strong comeback for the talented singer and composer who hasn’t released songs lately. The music and the lyrics of the song are done by Konstantinos Galanos himself. It is not unusual because in the past the artist wrote many […]

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