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Soner Sarikabadayi

  Watch 3 IN 1 with three of the greatest hits of the Turkish star Soner Sarikabadayi. Don’t miss show which the starts on May 23 (Saturday) at 18:00 h EET only on BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION. In case you miss it you can watch it also on May 24 (Sunday) at 11:00 h EET and […]

  Today his birthday celebrates Soner Sarikabadayi! We wish him very happy birthday! We wish him lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  After his super successful single “Boza Boza”, Soner Sarikabadayi presented his new song “Tarifi Zor”. In the previous video “Boza Boza”, he played the role of a prisoner. In the new video he plays the same guy but shows hos life after he left the prison. He is again covered with tattoos as he […]

  Soner Sarikabadayi’s new single is “Boza Boza”. The talented artist  wrote the music and the lyrics for his new song. In the video Soner has a special role and proves that he is also and a good actor. He plays the role of a prisoner. We can see the whole process – how he […]

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