Cristian Tarcea

  The Romanian singer Sandra N. presented her new single “Chameleon” in collaboration with the hitmaker Monoir. The artist made a short break last year due to the birth of her first child. Soon after that she made a strong came back with a collaboration with TWO band. But now she is ready with a […]

  The Romanian hitmaker Monoir presented his new project “Tsunami”, again in collaboration with the talented Brianna. The two artists have and other common projects among which are “Shadows” and the emblematic “The Violin Song”. The “Tsunami” song is done by Cristian Tarcea (Monoir), Bianca Nita (Brianna) and Cristian Dimitrescu. The video is shot in […]

  After a break, Sasha Lopez, one of the most successful DJs and producers in the Romanian music industry, makes a strong comeback with his new single titled “The Blame”. With a record of more than 10 years of international hits, two golden discs and songs in the charts of countries like Japan, Spain, Italy, […]

  In 2016 Monoir and Brianna released their common single “The Violin Song” which became a smash hit. It has more than 63 million views in YouTube. Now the two artists gather again for a new project called “Shadows”. The “Shadow” song is written by Diana Rubinescu, Marius Moga, Cristian Tarcea and Florian Rus. Director […]

  Elena Gheorghe released her new single ”Lalla” in a collaboration with Absolute. The music is done by Laurentiu Duta, Cristian Tarcea and Ovidiu Bistriceanu. The lyrics are written by Sam Halaby and Ovidiu Bistriceanu. The song has very modern sound and fresh vibes. It is entirely in English. The video is done by Alex […]

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