Challe Salle

  Today his birthday celebrates Challe Salle! We wish him very happy birthday! We wish him lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  The Slovenian rap singer Challe Salle presented his new single and “Kriva sva oba”. He worked again with the composer Damjan Jovic with whom the artist has a long-time successful collaboration. The lyrics are done by Challe Salle. In the video protagonists are the rapper together with a beautiful girl who tell a love […]

  The Slovenian rapper is released his new project “Legenda”. The song is quite catchy and his fans are already sure that it will turn into a hit. For this song Challe Salle works with the producer Damjan Jovic. The video is very amusing and funny. The singer shows his dancing skills and no doubt […]

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