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  The Bulgarian rap star Krisko surprised his fans with a new single. Actually he released a remix of the song “Vivaldi” performed originally by Boro Parvi and Tita. Both of the singers are part of Krisko’s music label and they also take part in the song and the video. The the original version, as […]

The Bulgarian r’n’b artists Atanas Kolev and Boro Parvi presented their first joint project “Ko Stana E”. The music of the song is done by the two artists together with Kontrabandz. The lyrics are written by Atanas Kolev and Boro Parvi. Director of the video is Stefan Marinov – Buddabbaz Tape Company.

After their successful project “Murdau” the three artists Krisko, Dim and Boro Parvi gathered together again for a new joint song called „Afterman”. The lyrics are written by the r’n’b artists, whule the beat is done by BenihanaBoi. The arrangement is by Krisko. The video was directed by Krisko and Kiril Kirov-Kiko.

  The young Bulgarian rap artist Boro Parvi presented his new project in collaboration with the hot singer TITA. The song is called “Zadnata sedalka”. The music is done by Rusty and the bridge is created by Roasty Suave. The lyrics and the arrangement are by Boro Parvi. Director of the video is Pavlin Ivanov–Bashmotion. […]

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