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Sickotoy presents “Green Light”, a song with an addictive rhythm, in collaboration with Aysia and BJ, a song that quickly warms the atmosphere with its sound and video full of sensuality and effervescence. The song was composed by Aysia Isaac, BJ Isaac, Auri Isaac, Sickotoy and Breyan Isaac. The lyrics were written by Aysia Isaac, […]

Sickotoy представя “Green Light“ („Зелена светлина“), песен с пристрастяващ ритъм, в сътрудничество с Aysia и BJ, песен, която бързо затопля атмосферата със саунда си и клипа си, изпълнен с чувственост и емоци. Песента е композирана от Aysia Isaac, BJ Isaac, Auri Isaac, Sickotoy и Breyan Isaac. Текстът е написан от Aysia Isaac, BJ Isaac и […]

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