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Antonia Iacobescu (born 12 April 1989), commonly known as Antonia, is a Romanian-American singer, performer, and model.

At five years old she moved to the United States with her parents. Antonia lived and grew up in the states of Utah and then Nevada, where she finished high school and got into the modeling world. She has participated in hundreds of photo shoots forcatalogs while working with large agencies in the U.S., such as Lenz and Ford Models. Likewise, she has launched her own clothing line called MOJA in 2013.

Antonia has been singing since she was 10 years old and attended music school in the United States. While she lived in Las Vegas and Utah, the American culture heavily influenced her musical style.

At the age of 18, Antonia returned to Romania alongside her family. There, she met Romanian producer Tom Boxer, through a friend who had heard her singing. After the two met, Antonia and Tom created their first song known as “Roses On Fire”.

They also created a music video for the song, directed and filmed by Boxer. The song received major success abroad, being broadcast on radio stations and television channels in the Netherlands and Poland.

Antonia released her second single “Morena”, produced by Tom Boxer, which received critical acclaim due to its combination of a club dance rhythm and Antonia’s sensual voice. According to radio-station listeners, it was the “most played Romanian song of the moment” in February 2010. Two months after its debut, “Morena” managed to climb music charts.

After the birth of her first child, Antonia returned to music as a solo singer.

She released a single called “Marionette”, written by Dutch producer and DJ Afrojack. The song debuted at No. 96, however was among one of the most played songs in Romania.

Antonia has collaborated with Vunk on the song “Pleaca”, a song that has had an amazing success with more than 15 million views on YouTube.

In 20212 she has signed with Global Records, which represents well-known artists such as INNA, Carla’s Dreams, Delia, Irina Rimes, The Motans, Mark Stam, Vanotek and influencers such as

BRomania, Laura Giurcanu, Alina Ceusan, Carmen Grebenisan, Laura Mușuroaea, Selly, Vlad Munteanu, etc. She then released the songs “I Got You” and “Jameia”, the last one peaking number 5 on charts.

In 2013 she released the song “Marabou”, with more than 13 million views on YouTube and

ascending success on radio charts, “Hawaii” and “Hurricane” feat. Puya.

In 2014 she had featurings with Holograf on “Intoarce-te acasa”, with Jay Sean on “Wild Horses” and with Dara, INNA & Carla’s Dreams on “Fie ce-o Fi”.

Antonia’s first studio album called “This Is Antonia” was released in 2015 with songs such as “Chica Loca” and “Marabou”. The album contains 12 songs and it’s available in physical and digital format.

In 2016 she released the successful singles “Gresesc” with more than 22 million views on YouTube, “Vorbeste Lumea” and the smashing hit featuring Carla’s Dreams “Suna-ma”.

In 2018 “Hotel Lounge” was a successful hit that has been heavily rotated by radio stations in Romania. It was followed by “Matame” in collaboration with Erik Frank.

In 2019 she released the single “touch Me”. The same year was launched and the super hit collaboration with Faydee “Trika Trika”.

In 2020 she was very productive and released 3 singles – “Lie I Tell Myself!, “Como Ay!” and “Rebound”.

In the beginning of 2021 Antonia presented the song “Taifun” which is entirely in Romanian.

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