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Ivan Jovanov – Iwayo

  The young Macedonian r’n’b artist Tasko presented his new single entitled “Gran Turismo”. The singer is getting more and more popularity lately and is one of the teenage idols in his country. The music of the song is done by Tasko himself. The arrangement is by Ivan Jovanov – Iwayo. The song is in […]

  Днес рожден ден празнува Iwayo! Честит рожден ден от нас! Пожелаваме му много здраве, щастие, късмет, любов, нови хитове и още повече фенове!

  Today his birthday celebrates Iwayo! We wish him very happy birthday! We wish him lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

Slatkaristika presented his new collaboration with his young colleague Tasko called “Maradona”. The song comes out two months after the Macedonian star released his joint project “Dijamanti” together with the r’n’b duo 2Bona. The music of the song is composed by Marko Marinkovic Slatkaristika. The two artists wrote the lyrics together.The arrangement is by Ivan […]

  Само две седмици след като македонското  r’n’b  дуо 2Bonа представиха общия си сингъл със Slatkaristika, момчетата издадоха и чисто нов сингъл, наречен  “Bela Nok” , който бе представен с видео. Музиката на песента е дело на Ivan Jovanov-Iwayo. Текстът е на артистите. Видеото е режисирано от God Eye Production.  

Just two weeks after the Macedonian r’n’b duo 2Bona released their joint single with Slatkaristika, the guys presented and brand new song called “Bela Nok” which was presented also and with a video. The music of the song is done by Ivan Jovanov-Iwayo. The lyrics are written by the artists. The video was directed by […]

  The famous Macedonian rapper Slatkaristika collaborated with his young colleagues – the rap duo 2Bona for the song “Dijamanti”. The music is done by Marko Marinkovic-Slatkaristika. The lyrics are written by Slatkaristika, Antonio Stojanovski and Mario Jelic. The arrangement is done by Ivan Jovanov – Iwayo. In the video the three artists are the […]

  The Macedonian artist Slatkaristika presented his new single “Amsterdam”. The song is dedicated to controversial topic of the legalization of the marijuana. That is why and the video was filmed in Amsterdam which is well-known for the free use of this stuff. Of course the capital of the Netherlands is also known and for […]

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