Vuksan Bilanovic

  The attractive Serbian singer Nikolija presented her new album “Yin & Yang” which includes 10 tracks in total. Except the well-known “Nema Limita”, “Slazem” and “Los Momak”, the singer presented and 7 brand new songs with videos for a very short period. These songs are the eponymous “Yin & Yang”, also the other solo […]

  The Serbian singer TeodoRa released her debut album “Borbena”. It includes 7 new songs. The eponymous song “Borbena”, and also “Linija”, “Story”, “Alternativa”, “Tom Ford”, “Gade” and “Taxi”. She presented each new song with a video. For her new songs TeodoRa worked with different composers like Vuksan Bilanovic, Marko Moreno, Coby and Marko Dreznjak. […]

  Dara Bubamara presented her new single “All Inclusive”. The music and the arrangement of the song are done by Dejan Kostic. The lyrics are written by Vuksan Bilanovic. The video shows that Dara Bubamara is in a perfect fit. She changes a few sets of clothes but in all of them she looks gorgeous. […]

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