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  The Bulgarian artists Alex & Vladi and Young BB Young presented a common project entitled “Mars & Venera”. The video is directed by Radostin Sabev – Shosho.  

  Zanis Knock Out presented his new single “Moro Mou” in a collaboration with Panos Myrianthous. In the song are used samples from the refrain of a famous Greek hit performed by Triantafyllos in 1999. music: Konstantinos Pantzis lyrics: Evi Droutsa and Zanis Blasin arrangement: Konstantinos Pantzis and Zanis Blasin director: Thanos Limperopoulos  

  The Serbian duo IN VIVO presented their new video “Carpe Diem” which look more like a movie. The story is combined with interesting visual effects.   Music: Igor, Neven IN VIVO Lyrics: Neven IN VIVO, Milan Ajdacic Arrangement: Igor IN VIVO Female vocals: Tamara Dragic Directed by: Neven Zivancevic  

  The popular Romanian DJ and electronic music producer Manuel Riva, who entered in Billboard Top 20 with the hit “Mhm Mhm”, collaborates with Misha Miller for his new single “What Mama Said”. The song combines the unique production style of the DJ with Misha Miller’s pop sensitivity. “”What Mama Said” is such kind of […]

  Petros Iakovidis filmed the eponymous song of his new album “Sou Ta Dosa Ola”. The artist wrote both the music and the lyrics. The video is directed by Yannis Papadakos.  

  The popular Romanian DJ Sava, famous for his numerous collaborations with different artists,  presented a common project with the talented Serena. The single is entitled “Red Cadillac”. Songwriter: Theea Miculescu Produced by: Alexandru Cotoi, Florin Buzea, DJ Sava Executive producer: DJ Sava  

  The Slovenian singer Ines Erbus presented her new video “Ambis Ljubavi”. In the video she embodies in the role of a an actress in a love film. Music: Miro Buljan Lyrics: Nenad Nincevic Audio Production: Peter Oslaj; Master: Janez Krizaj Studio: PreSound Production 13 Drums: David Slatinek Bass, guitars, backing vocals: Zan Sercic Video: Globus […]

  The popular Macedonian artist Tyzee presented his new single “Gori”. This is the first song from the series that he has prepared for his fans. In his last project “Pablo”, which turned into a big hit, the artist performed in Spanish but this time he sing in his native language. The music and the […]

  Teodora made her great comeback to the music scene earlier this year, but now she is now ready to present to her fans with a new project. As she promised, although she lives in the United States, she is actively working and doesn’t stop making surprises for the Bulgarian audience. The star of Diapason […]

  The attractive singer Kida presented her new collaboration “Deja Vu” together with the rapper Lyrical Son. For the first time in her career she doesn’t work with ZappnCriss but with K.Master. The lyrics and the topline are done by Lyrical Son and Erno. In the video Kida and Lyrical Son appear in a garden […]

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