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  The Croatian singer Tara released her new song “Kakva noc” which was presented with a video. It follows the duet song with Ivan Zak – “Naj naj” which was launched in April this year and is very successful. This music and the lyrics of the song are signed by Ivan Zak. In the video […]

  After the super successful single “I Lost You” performed by Havana and with the featuring of Yaar, follows a new project. Yaar this time collaborated with the talented Albanian singer Kanita. The result is the song “Jale”. The song combines modern sound and oriental elements. The lyrics are  a mix of English, Arabian and […]

  The Montenegrin star Sergej Cetkovic presented and interesting collaboration with the hip-hop duo Who See. The song is entitled “Pusti probleme”. The music of the song is composed by Sergej Cetkovic, while the lyrics are done together by the three artists. The video was shot in the beautiful town of Kotor in Montenegro.  

  Only for a month the Serbian artist Tanja Savic presented 4 brand new videos. She released “Hitna pomoc”, “Za ljubav nisi”, “Laga laga” (in collaboration with Corona) and now she is ready with “Osudjeni na bol”. For that song she worked with the same team that is responsible for her last projects. The music […]

  The musicians from the Serbian Tropic Band seem to be very active lately and make song after another. In the midsummer they released a brand new single “Cigareta” which comes out with a video. The music of the song is composed by Dragan Brajovic Braja and Aleksandar Cvetkovic. The lyrics are written by Braja. […]

  After their smash hit “Raf” released in 2017 the Turkish artists Deeperise and Jabbar decided to work together again and the result is their new promising project. They released two versions at the same time – in English entitled “Call Me” and in Turkish – “Uzun Uzun”. Their previous common single “Raf” has gained […]

  The famous Greek artists Christina Salti and Ilias Vrettos presented their first common project entitled “Taxidi Magiko”. It is a cover version of the Albanian song “More” performed by Flori Mumajesi, Ghetto Geasy and Bruno released at the end of 2018, which became a Balkan hit. The music is composed by the hitmaker Flori […]

  The Turkish DJ and producer Mahmut Orhan and the Romanian singer Irina Rimes gathered together again for a new project. Earlier this year they released their common song “Schhh”, which became a smash hit. Now they are ready with a new single entitled “Hero”. Their previous video was animated but in the new one […]

  The Albanian artist Enca loves to provoke the audience. Shed does it again and with her new single “Jealous”. In the video as always the singer appears in sexy clothes but this time she is surrounded by few other hot girls. The music and the lyrics are done by Enca herself and the beat […]

  Watch 3 IN 1 with three of the greatest hits of the attractive Serbian artist Nikolija. Don’t miss show which the starts on July 27 (Saturday) at 18:00 h EET only on BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION. In case you miss it you can watch it also on July 28 (Sunday) at 11:00 h EET and […]

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