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  Известният албански певец Alban Skenderaj прави колаборация за новия си сингъл “Parajsa Ime” (Моят Рай) с артиста и композитор Elgit Doda. Песента е обяввена за новия летен албански химн. Elgit Doda композира музиката на парчето, а текстът е дело на Alban Skenderaj. Видеото е заснето на морското крайбрежие в Албания и показва красиви природни […]

  The famous Albanian singer Alban Skenderaj collaborates for his new single “Parajsa Ime” (My Paradise) with the artist and composer Elgit Doda. The song is declared the new Albanian summer anthem. Elgit Doda composes the music of the song, while the lyrics are done by Alban Skenderaj. The video was shot on the Albanian […]

  After the success of her previous single “Amor (Dejame)”, Besa continues making songs in the same melody line. Her new project is called “La La La”. The fans already claimed that the song would be a new summer hit. The music is done by Elgit Doda. The lyrics are written by Petrit Sparrow and […]

  The Albanian singer Ronela Hajati presented her new single “Pa Dashni”. The singer, faithful to her unique style, once again makes an impressive appearance in the video. The melody and the lyrics are done by the singer herself. In the video Ronela Hajati appears in two totally different looks – with a long black […]

  The Albanian singer Adelina Berisha released her new single “Gabim I Bukur” which was presented with a video. The song is composed by Irkenc Hyka. The lyrics are written by Petro Xhori. The new Adelina Berisha’s single is a combination of modern sounds and perfect mix of Balkan elements and Latin rhythms played with […]

  Enca presented her new single “Balad”. The attractive Albanian singer promoted and a video for the project in which she looks totally different of what we are used to see from her usually. She brings us in a fairytale world. The melody and the lyrics of the song are done by Enca herself. The […]

  In the first days of 2019 Samanta released her new single “Vone” in a collaboration with Elinel. The Albanian singer made herself the music line of the song and worked for the music with bigdeal Records. The lyrics are written by Elinel. In the video Samanta looks amazing either with her entirely white outfit, […]

  Besa, who hasn’t released a song lately, presented her new project “Amor”. The music and the arrangement of the song are done by Elgit Doda. The lyrics are written by Petrit Sparrow, E and Besa. The artists sings in Albanian, English and Spanish. In the video Besa looks amazing and shows her perfect form […]

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