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INNA is back with a fresh collab “Pretty Thoughts” with Henri Purnell, German musician and influencer, produced by Nobody Cares, a song that speaks about getting over a past relationship. The song was released with a lyric video on Henri Purnell’s YouTube channel and with a spectacular performance video on INNA’s YouTube channel. The amazing […]

Emina Jahovic surprised her fans when she shared footage from the recording of a video for a duet song on the social network Instagram, which was together with Edita Aradinovic. The song is entitled “Dobro Sam” and it comes out with an impressive video. Emina spent the quarantine period very productively, considering that she prepared […]

Watch 3 IN 1 with three of the greatest hits of the international star with Romanian origin INNA. Don’t miss show which the starts on October 31 (Saturday) at 18:00 h EET only on BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION. In case you miss it you can watch it also on November 1 (Sunday) at 11:00 h EET […]

In the Montenegrin complex Porto Montenegro, Dino Merlin presented thevideo for the song “Mi”. This is the first single from the artist’s upcoming twelfth album. In the video participate artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. The director with the stage name Kukla shot the video in Porto Montenegro, a […]

Deep Zone Project, which a few months ago literally launched their hit collaboration with Toto N – “Gimme Love”, are ready with a new project called “Funk You” – a modern dance hybrid of pop, house, reggae and break beat. The mood and charge of the track is slightly reminiscent of the song “DJ Take […]

With a more aggressive production approach than usual, which is entirely Vibe Drops’ contribution, Otilia is back today with her latest single, in collaboration with Mike Diamondz. “Pumpin” can easily be made the anthem of an international twerk competition – its vibe making it almost impossible for anybody to stay put! Mike Diamondz is a […]

Sickotoy is releasing “Touche” featuring Misha Miller, the artist from Moldavia whose voice can be heard on the “Smoke Me” hit. The collaboration of the two artists outlines a dynamic, mysterious song, which gives an effervescent vibe. The message sent through the lyrics exposes the attempt to find a solution to get out of a […]

Watch 3 IN 1 with three of the greatest hits of the Serbian star Nikolija. Don’t miss show which the starts on October 24 (Saturday) at 18:00 h EET only on BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION. In case you miss it you can watch it also on October 25 (Sunday) at 11:00 h EET and also on […]

The young Bulgarian star Gery-Nikol surprised her fans with a new song in collaboration with the Macedonian rapper Slatkaristika. The song is entitled “Gleday Me” and with its appearance provoked mixed reactions in the audience. Slatkaristika offered the Bulgarian to make a joint song last year, but it took time to create the final project, […]

Andra, Dony and Matteo travel musically to “Barcelona”, the city where time stands still and the holidays are chained. The new single with Latin rhythms and reggae influences proposes to the public an escape from the present.  “Barcelona is my favorite city in Europe! Every time I go there on vacation, it seemed to me […]

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