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One year after “Djeale” became a favorite song of people of all ages, the Bulgarian star Emilia presents a new one with the same team, but this time in a very different style. The trap song is again signed by Costi, with whom the singer works for her international projects. “Deals” has been a fact […]

The three Romanian artists Puya, Andra and Guz released a joint single “Dorul”. They collaborate for the first time and the song is quite interesting combining different music styles. The music is done by Mahia Bledo, Guz, Irina Rimes and Giulie. The lyrics are written by Puya, Irina Rimes, Guz and Giulie. The video shows […]

  The Romanian artist Nicole Cherry released her new single “Pop That”. In the last years she presented songs mainly in her native language. The music of the song is done by Mihai Andrei, Elena Morosanu, Nicoleta Ghinea. The lyrics are done by Dorian Micu and Elena Morosanu. The video is directed by Alex Ceausu. […]

  The songs of the Romanian duo are played all over the world; their music has become viral even in China. Their projects have more than 1 billion online views. Now Fly Project are ready with their new hit “Mexico” – a must-have for all summer playlists. “”Mexico” is a long-awaited by our audience, but […]

  The Romanian singer Andreea Banica released her new single “Egoista” in collaboration with Nonis G. The music of the song is done by Laurentiu Duta and Sergiu Buta. The lyrics are written by Laurentiu Duta and Ioan Gavanas. Director of the video is Alex Ceausu.  

  After her successful singles “Duro” and “Yo No Quiero” the Romanian artist Oana presented her new project “Banii”. The song is produced again by Costi who made and her previоus tracks. The song combines Latin influences with trap and modern sound. The lyrics are done by Oana herself. This is her first single performed […]

  Elena Gheorghe released her new single ”Lalla” in a collaboration with Absolute. The music is done by Laurentiu Duta, Cristian Tarcea and Ovidiu Bistriceanu. The lyrics are written by Sam Halaby and Ovidiu Bistriceanu. The song has very modern sound and fresh vibes. It is entirely in English. The video is done by Alex […]

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