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NOSFE, Alexandra Stan, Sak Noel and Los Tioz with a great collaboration

Written by on 25.01.2021

NOSFE, Alexandra Stan, Sak Noel and Los Tioz with a great collaboration

NOSFE, Alexandra Stan and Sak Noel featuring Los Tioz kick off the hits in 2021 with “Tembleque”, which will remain on repeat for a long time in everyone’s playlists. With an exotic vibe that sends us thinking of sunny beaches, “Tembleque” is the right song to start this year with.

The lyrics “Take me down to wonderland” make the message of the song a wish, a frame of a summer love. Equally intriguing is the title of the song, “Tembleque”, which has its origins in Puerto Rico, representing nothing more than a delicious exotic coconut dessert. #ShakeItLikeATembleque will be heard on everyone’s lips, as a challenge or a promise in anticipation of summer and parties.

“It was great to work with Sak Noel and Alexandra on the song “Tembleque”! Super vibe and super inspiration! Let’s do this! Kiss you, uncles!”, said NOSFE.

“I am super excited to start 2021 with this collaboration, together with NOSFE, Sak Noel and Los Tioz. “Tembleque” is in a mood, I hope you will resonate with the song and it will be present in your playlists. Let’s dance like there’s no tomorrow!”, added Alexandra Stan, who is now in a television competition, right in exotic realms.

The collaboration becomes even more interesting with the presence of Sak Noel, who says he is just as excited about this feature with the two Romanian artists: “Alexandra and NOSFE did a really great job reviving “Blekete” and turning it into a global anthem. As soon as I heard their voices, I was amazed and I knew it would be something special. I think this summer will be a great one, and “Tembleque” will be permanently on the list of songs I will play.”

NOSFE made its presence felt mainly with SATRA B.E.N.Z. – those who brought the style of trap music to Romania. The figures for this phenomenon were just the beginning of what would follow in terms of views. Launched in 2016, “Satra” had 16,000,000 views on YouTube, during which time more and more people were influenced and had the courage to start a trotting career. Primarily designed as an outlaw of the industry, the band was the launching pad through which artists also launched personal projects.

The songs that NOSFE heard on the radio were “File De Poveste” (feat Raluca), “Lamare” and “Brasil”. The artist has been flirting with the mainstream area since “Condimente”, featuring Ruby, who gathered 74,000,000 views, a success that also led to a cooking show on his YouTube platform. He brought in that Latin-flavored vibe, an image preserved and outlined in the next hit, “DAI”, with almost 7,000,000 views.

Alexandra Stan is one of the top Romanian artists, well known worldwide for several successful songs such as “Mr. Saxobeat”, “Lemonade”, “Get Back (ASAP)” and various collaborations with artists such as Daddy Yankee, Mohombi, Inna, Havana. With almost 1 billion views on YouTube, millions of listeners on streaming platforms and top places in the charts around the world, Alexandra Stan is a name known both in Romania and internationally, with a career of over ten years, four studio albums, several music awards and platinum records.

The name Sak Noel is often joined by the panel with the most influential and award-winning DJs of all time in the Latin area. Nominated for the Latin Grammy, winner of the IDMA, certified countless times with Gold and Platinum Records, considered the best DJ in Spain and placed first in the UK Singles Chart, Sak Noel enjoys extensive international recognition. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with artists such as Sean Paul, Lil Jon, Pitbull, Madonna and Maroon 5. The fusion of Latin and electronic music has positioned Sak as a pioneer in this musical genre.  And, most likely, there is no club in this world that has not given him, at least once, a play on one of his songs. Recently, Sak Noel also created the BARNATON trend, a mix between the words Barcelona and Raggaeton. Its mission is to help Latin American producers fulfill their dream – to reach the international charts.

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