Klavdiya steps in radioactive waters

Written by on 17.10.2018


Klavdiya’s new project “Davame nakaso” had a premiere simultaneously in three TV channels: Balkanika MTV,  BG Music Channel and Fen TV.

The song was done by a huge team of international professionals. The music and the song are done by Nurteel. The provocative lyrics are written by the Bulgarian Yoana Mircheva. Director of the video is Kaloyan Hristov. The song is published by the new label L2 Music, which will support Bulgarian pop and R’n’B artists. This is the first single produced by the music label.

The new video of the winner of the first BG Music Festival follows the new worldwide trends. The shooting is done in an abandoned mine in South Bulgaria. The impressive scenery from the high hill show beautify panorama with radioactive waters, which are called by the local “Colorful eye of Pazardzhik”. The team chose the dangerous location but everyone is sure that the risk was worth it.

“I knew that the location is dangerous but despite of that we realized the video in the unique nature. Part of the video was shot in a boat alone and I was terrified not to fall in the poison lake. Besides that, while we were dancing there was a serious risk to fall in the poison waters because of the slippery rocks. This video for me was very exciting and unforgettable experience.”, shared Kalvdiya.

Besides the singing, the dancing is also part of Klavdiya’s stage appearance and take place in her video. She is accompanied by professional dancers. The sexy girls dance on that mine field and he radioactive waters can’t stop them from dancing like hell.

The charming Klavdiya became famous with her participation in the first music reality in Bulgaria – Star Academy. Besides that she owns a vocal school where she gives lessons to children of different ages.


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