Fly Project make a strong comeback

Written by on 12.04.2019


The songs of the Romanian duo are played all over the world; their music has become viral even in China. Their projects have more than 1 billion online views. Now Fly Project are ready with their new hit “Mexico” – a must-have for all summer playlists.

“”Mexico” is a long-awaited by our audience, but also by us. We are very curious how people will react to it. We do not hurry to release songs, we want to be sure that we have something good to present, something that has everything needed.”, said one of the band members Tudor.

“Mexico” is the first release of the band after “Get Wet”. Fly Project’s songs gathered tens of millions of views on YouTube and more than 1 million streams on Spotify. Their international hits “Musica” and “Toca Toca” with a mix of English and Spanish words have conquered charts and clubs around the world. Their tracks have reached the farthest places on Earth, from Siberia to Latin America, from China to Lapland.

Fly Project kicks off the hottest parties and are known all over the world for this. And “Mexico”’s video is not an exception. Sexy girls, dancing temptingly, obscure cameras and fluorescent colours – a Mexican party created by the director Alex Ceausu.

“As you enter in the location where we shot the video, from the stairs, you could hear people speaking English, Spanish, Chinese, French. We were glad that even in the video we had people from different countries and different origin. Our music is the same –  it is for everyone and it is loved everywhere. We are honored to be so!”, said Tudor.


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