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Watch 3 IN 1 with three of the greatest hits of the Serbian band Nikolija. Don’t miss the show which starts on July 21st (Saturday) at 18:00 h EET only on BALKANIKA MUSIC TELEVISION.

Coby released his new single “Mami”. The artist lately established as one of the most successful composers in Serbia, this time presents solo project. Of course, he made the music for his single and the lyrics he wrote along with Nikola Kircanski Kei. The video is very eclectic. There are dancers dressed with typical national […]

Anastasija released her debut single “Savrsen par”. The attractive singer is the daughter of the Serbian star Ceca, who is well-known all over the Balkans. Anastasija’s first single is in a quite different music style not maybe as most people expected. She is totally convinced that she wants to make a career not in the […]

The new single “Zidovi od secera” is a great collaboration between Leon, Young Palk from Djans  and  Kurtovitez from Kurtoazija. The music is done by Jovan Jankovic. The Melody is done by Leon, Young Palk and Jovan Jankovic. The lyrics are written by Young Palk. The video is very colorful and cheerful and has every […]

The Serbian duo IN VIVO released a new single in a collaboration with the Croatian DJ Mateo. The song is called “Emirati” and  is dedicated to the luxury lifestyle. The music is done by Tozla and the two artists – Neven and Igor. The lyrics are written by Neven. The video which also shows every […]

  After six months Milena Ceranic returns with a new single “Sefica”. The music is done by Marko Djurasevic-Mahoni and the lyrics are written by Biljana Spasic. In the video Milena changes a few very feminine sets of clothes. The location is a Benedictine church on Tisa River near Novo Milosevo. Milena Ceranic promises that […]

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