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    Antonia released the official video of her new single “Matame” featuring Erik Frank. „Matame” was written by Marius Dia, Alex Parker, Erik Frank (all of them are songwriters and producers at DeMoga Music), Olivia Addams and produced by Alex Parker & Marius Dia. “Matame’s video is exactly what I wanted it to be, […]

  Anda Adam presented her new single “Ma Innebuneste”. The music of her new song is done by Claudiu Polk (Doddy) and Oana Radu. The lyrics are written by Claudiu Polk (Doddy). The song is a beautiful love fairytale and is dedicated to Anda Adam’s husband Sorin. Anda Adam declared: “I dedicate this song to […]

  The Romanian singer Andreea Banica released her new single “Egoista” in collaboration with Nonis G. The music of the song is done by Laurentiu Duta and Sergiu Buta. The lyrics are written by Laurentiu Duta and Ioan Gavanas. Director of the video is Alex Ceausu.  

  Dorian Popa presented his new single “Vinovat” in collaboration with Nicole Cherry. The two Romanian singers have many common projects with different artist but for the first time work together. The music is done by Andrei Ropcea (Randi) well-known from the duo Morandi. The lyrics are written by Randi along with Sandor Biro. The […]

  The three Romanian artists Matteo, Liviu Teodorecsu and What’s Up release a new collaboration titled “A nimanui”. The song is about the girls that are in relationships based on interest or take it just as a habbit. The video is quite impressive and the three singers paly the main characters. All of them are […]

  After her successful singles “Duro” and “Yo No Quiero” the Romanian artist Oana presented her new project “Banii”. The song is produced again by Costi who made and her previоus tracks. The song combines Latin influences with trap and modern sound. The lyrics are done by Oana herself. This is her first single performed […]

  Elena Gheorghe released her new single ”Lalla” in a collaboration with Absolute. The music is done by Laurentiu Duta, Cristian Tarcea and Ovidiu Bistriceanu. The lyrics are written by Sam Halaby and Ovidiu Bistriceanu. The song has very modern sound and fresh vibes. It is entirely in English. The video is done by Alex […]

  The Romanian singer Alina Eremia released her new single called “69”. The music and the lyrics of the song are done by Theea Miculescu. In the video the charming artist becomes the Catwoman. She acts like a real cat, so graceful and exquisite. Director of the video is San.  

  Today her birthday celebrates Raluka! We wish her very happy birthday! We wish her lots of health, happiness, luck, love, new hits and even more fans!

  AMI presented her new single “Hola!” The music is done by Adi Colceru and the lyrics are written by AMI herself. The song is a combination of trap, urban and latin elements. The singer looks like a real latin diva in the video. AMI also dances with the professional dancers and really does it […]

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